Baby G and XXXXY Syndrome Part IV – Development Activities.

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In my previous posts about Baby G and his development, I really only speak about where he is developmentally. If you’ve missed them, you can catch up with the links below:

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While where G is in his early development is important, I thought I’d focus on the activities we’re doing to move him up higher on the curve.

As I said in Part III, I’m working with a development specialist through public health to help G along in some major areas of early development, such as gross and fine motor skills, and speech. He’s still not crawling yet, although is certainly moving with deliberate intention lately. To work on moving this forward, I try to lift his bum up so he’s on his knees and rock him back and forth in that position. Sometimes he’ll stay up, but usually when the back end goes up, the front end goes down. I also position him over my outstretched leg on the floor, forcing him to be on his knees and to start using those muscles to reach the toy I’ve placed on the other side.

His fine motor is starting to improve in some areas, like reaching farther, passing a toy from one hand to the other, grabbing, squeezing and banging two toys together.  He really enjoys the sounds he makes tapping his blocks together. I have noticed however, that his self feeding skills have begun to deteriorate as we’ve moved away from feeding him cereal puffs, so that will be something I’ll work on in the coming weeks. He is drinking from a sippy cup with assistance, and I believe he’ll be able to look after that himself before he turns a year old in November.

As far as speech goes, most often he’s still making vowel sounds, with a few “M”‘s and “B”‘s here and there. Public health recommends songs and repeating his sounds back to him, encouraging the sound-mimicking that’s key for speech development. We are seeing some definite sign language with him though, signs like “all done” and “milk”. We’re still working on “bye-bye”, “please” and “thank you”.

I have to admit that while I know how important all of this is for him, there are days when it feels useless. But then he flashes me that sweet guppy smile and I know he’s having fun, so we keep at it. And I guess it’s not a bad thing to be back at work when he finally crawls and starts getting into everything….but I’d still like to see the look on his face when he opens this new door to exploring the world around him.

What activities do you do with your baby to help their development? I’d love to get some fresh ideas….probably more for my boredom than for his development, but hey, mixing it up never hurt anyone.:)

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