Raise Your Glass to Yoga and Wine



Can you imagine anything more satisfying? Ok, I admit that I’m far from an accomplished yogi. I mean, I’m lucky if I can hold tree pose without “TIMBERRRR-ing” over. But I do like to think I am an accomplished wine drinker. *wink*

But the whole point of yoga is that it’s a practice, right? And like many moms, put the word practice in there, and I feel a shit-ton of “perfection” pressure taken off. Yoga is also about bringing balance to your body, mind and spirit; taking time to find what feels good as you move through the poses, staying present and centered while detoxifying and rejuvenating yourself.

And in the spirit of balance, why not add a bit of re-toxification in there too? As a mom, this sounded like a dream come true. Sign me up!

Yoga and Wine View

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Why I’m Cannon-Balling Into Summer

“CANNON BALL!!!!!!” is a word I remember fondly from my childhood. My uncle did the best cannon balls, and we’d all yell out as he’d leap off the diving board, tuck into a perfect human sphere and plunge securely into the deep end of the kidney-shaped swimming pool, sending what seemed at our age to be giant, surging waves for us to jump over, crash into, and swim through.

We’d scream and laugh with delight, demanding an encore performance over and over and over again. I’d stay in that pool until my fingers and toes were all pruney, until my blonde hair turned green and the sun went down.

And every time I swam in that pool, never once was I concerned about how my bathing suit felt or made me feel. Not once did I look sideways at myself in a mirror, and not once did I poke and prod to try to move things into a more desirable position.

All I cared about was waking up the next morning so I could jump in that pool and do it all over again.

Why I'm putting on my swimsuit and getting in the damn pool this summer

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Why Kids Are Tough Negotiators – from The BreakWomb

Hi everyone! Tonight’s Mommy Motivation once again comes from The BreakWomb. I love these women, but God help us all if our kids ever learn to hire legal representation. We won’t stand a fucking chance! If you haven’t already, go like them on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to their channel for more awesome videos.


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Baby G and XXXXY Syndrome: Progress and Surgery

Watching your kid reach a milestone is one of the most precious moments a parent can witness. The first step, the first word, even the first time using a utensil successfully can send you into parental bliss, professing how smart, bright and wonderful your child is. And rightfully so; it truly is amazing. But when your child has a disability, that feeling is magnified twice over. Knowing that Baby G has XXXXY Syndrome and knowing the delays and extra challenges he’ll have to overcome, just makes him surpassing them so much more rewarding.

Progress in dealing with the challenges that come with having a child with XXXXY Syndrome

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Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection – from TED Talks

Hello all, I found this TED Talk video tonight and wanted to share it with you as tonight’s Mommy Motivation, because it ties in quite well with the 5 Lessons I Learned In My Kid’s First Year of School. 

I think most women I know have been brought up in social situations that are described here by Reshma Saujani. I think about myself in school, while watching this video, and I can remember exactly where my intellectual bravery ended and my perfectionism began in each and every task, paper or assignment I was given.

And when I look at my own daughter, I realize she’s at the very beginning of a journey that has potential to either make her afraid to make mistakes and be wrong, or to make her brave in each and every decision she makes, hopefully with a little laughter along the way. Consider this video lesson number six in the things I learned in my kid’s first year of school.


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5 Lessons I Learned in My Daughter’s First Year of School

My daughter’s first year of school proved to be a bigger learning experience for me than I had originally thought. Gone are the days of home day cares, with only a handful of other kids to play with. Gone are the toddler tunes like “I’m a Little Tea Pot”, and “Itsy, Bitsy Spider”. My daughter was now being exposed to dozens of other kids, new grown-ups and a totally different social environment. I was nervous.

But at the kindergarten open house, I saw hope for the year ahead. I was seduced by the pamphlets on reading programs, the centres devoted to fine motor skills, science and math. I got swept up in the romantic idea of being on the parent council, volunteering for school fundraisers and activities, helping to make my child’s school a better place to learn, grow and achieve.

Ya…I know.

Reality came crashing down around February, when I came to terms with where my priorities truly lay: with my kids. Now don’t get me wrong, if I had the time and energy to be an awesome school mom and rock it like a boss, I would…I love that shit. But alas, my school mom revelation can be summed up in 5 simple lessons:

5 lessons I learned in my kids' first year of school

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The Dance Recital – A Beginner’s Guide

It’s that time of year, when the smell of stale hairspray and sweaty ballet shoes fills your nostrils, rather than the sweet smells of spring. When I enrolled my daughter in ballet last fall, I knew the inevitable dance recital would be a new challenge for me, now being on the other side of the equation. I’m the one hauling the gear now, sewing the sequins and making that shit happen. And while the overall experience hasn’t changed much, being the dance mom is a lot more work than I thought. But like all things in motherhood, it’s totally worth it. So if you’re considering enrolling your kid in dance lessons in the fall, keep these tidbits in mind when it comes time for the dance recital.

A beginner's guide to surviving and enjoying your kid's dance recital

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How to Put a Baby to Sleep – from How to Dad

Hello again everyone! After a much-needed break I’m back with a stellar Mommy Motivation from How to Dad. Here, we learn the different methods dads, or any caregiver for that matter, can use to put  their pudgy little cherub to sleep. My personal favourite, snapping of fingers. Because I set lofty goals in life.


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49, XXXXY Syndrome: A Special Needs Mom?

The day you find out your kid has special needs is a very long one.

Your mind speeds up and slows down all at the same time, planning contingencies, preparing the family, arranging for equipment, therapy, and financial help. You make inquiries about forms, timelines, deadlines and approvals. You fill in said forms:

surname, given name, date of birth, address, relationship to the patient, list all medical conditions…

…over and over and over.

You answer every question and concern your family and friends might have about your child’s condition, needs and how they can help. And only then, after all that, do you really take the time to absorb it yourself. And that can be overwhelming.

But after accepting this new chapter of your life, things start to adjust and shift, just slightly, every day to accommodate this new experience. Kinda like a Rubix Cube. Little moves, little changes happen until everything fits together just fine. And you know what? It’s just like every other new experience; it’s a chance to learn and grow.

And you’re probably going to suck at it for a while.

XXXXY Syndrome certainly was the last thing I expected to come with Baby G’s birth, but I’m a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason. In the meantime, we had a meeting today with his team at Niagara Children’s Centre, where we discussed his progress.

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Mother’s Day Video: Mighty – from JourneyBoxMedia

Happy Mother’s Day! Today is about celebrating, recognizing and being thankful for everything that moms do. And damn, we do it all, don’t we? And sometimes it gets hard. Really hard, harder than we could have imagined. And it’s on those days that we need to remember that what we do and how we handle that hard absolutely matters. Tonight’s Mommy Motivation is a video I found from JourneyBoxMedia. And it reminds us of just that. Do we want to give up? Oh ya. Do we want off the mom train?  Definitely. But we keep doing it, keep pushing, keep going because mothering matters.

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