Letter to Baby G: Mommy’s Going Back to Work, Baby

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Dear Baby G:

You’re having your morning nap right now, so I have a bit of time to write this. I have something to tell you, guppy. Mommy’s going back to work. It’s time. I’m ready. But, oh buddy….

I will miss being with you.

I’ll miss your sweet little smile opening up to me when I call your name, or when I lay down to play toys with you. I’ll miss your little sounds and chirps you make when you’re happy. I’ll miss your soft little giggles. I’ll miss the wonderment on your face when you discover something new. I’ll miss the calm, quiet times we have together.

Just my wee guppy and me. 

little hands

You have grown up so much over the past few months. Your sweet little personality has shone through since you got your new glasses, something I might never have seen otherwise. I’m grateful for everything that’s helped you discover and explore the world around you. And don’t worry, buddy. It doesn’t stop here. I’ve found a wonderful woman to take care of you during the day. She has all kinds of new toys for you to play with, and she’s got lots of experience with kids who might need a little extra help. I know you’ll like being with her.

I’m finding it a bit harder going back this time, buddy.

Daddy says it’s because you’re not at the same place in your development that your big sister was. You’re not as busy as she was. You’re much more passive, laid back. I think that’s partly true, but also I think while B and I share a very special bond, you and I have a much quieter connection, a softer, gentler bond.

It reminds me of your father, and why I fell in love with him. 

So, I’m opening a new door for you, guppy. One that I hope will be filled with wonderful and exciting things for you to discover. And after a long day of moving and playing, when everything is quiet again, I’ll be there to rock you to sleep at night…

at least, as long as you’ll let me.

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One response to “Letter to Baby G: Mommy’s Going Back to Work, Baby

  1. Anonymous

    …..very gentle and loving thoughts, nicely done…….
    ….don’t forget the time needed for continuous development, …… take advantage of all the professional support services you can attain for baby G.