Baby G and XXXXY Syndrome – Assessment

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Hi everyone! I thought I’d post a quick update on Baby G’s progress as he faces the challenges of his chromosomal abnormality, 49, XXXXY Syndrome. We took Baby G in for his assessment at the Niagara Children’s Centre on the 10th. We met with our team, consisting of a social worker, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a speech pathologist. That’s a hell of a lot of “-ists” to remember.

Wow, a whole team assigned to her son to help him with the challenges he's facing with 49, XXXXY Syndrome. Awesome!

Baby G laid on a mat and played with his “teammates”, and some toys that they had brought down to engage with him. He was quite tired, as he’d napped earlier than normal in the morning, but he did very well and even gave a couple of heart-melting smiles.

Each member of the team had their own questions for us, covering sounds, movements, gestures and such. We answered as best we could and discussed our main concerns about crawling and speech, and how difficult it is to decide whether he’s delayed because of 49, XXXXY Syndrome, or because not all kids progress the same way.

We’ve booked our first appointment with the physiotherapist on the 21st to cover a few things we can do through the holidays to help move him forward in his gross motor skills. I’m looking forward to working with him and seeing him progress a little faster.

In the meantime, we’re gearing up for Christmas, picking out presents and wrapping late at night. I’ll be starting to bake with B next week which will be fun, as long as she can hold back eating the cookie dough.

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