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Hello all. My humblest of apologies for disappearing over the last couple of weeks, as I’ve started a new job, but I think I’m finally getting back into a rhythm again. But during those few weeks, Baby G has progressed very well, working through the challenges that XXXXY Syndrome comes with.

But the latest milestone we’ve witnessed is a definite increase in his babbling, and a few distinct “Ma-ma”‘s and “Da-da’s”. Even a “Ba” for his big sister!

This little guy has a lot to say! Seeing increased babbling and some basic consonant sounds from my son, who has XXXXY Syndrome.

Our speech therapist at Niagara Children’s Center did tell us that he would probably progress in speech once he didn’t have to concentrate so hard on movement, which has certainly come to pass. In addition to basic consonant sounds, Baby G has found his voice when there’s something wrong, or something that makes him sad or angry. He was not happy with B when she took one of her smaller toys from him. She’s learning that while Baby G might not like it, many of her toys are too small for him to play with, and so she needs to make sure they’re kept in safe places.

G’s physiotherapy has gone very well, and we’re seeing G move faster and with more confidence each week. He’s doing better at transitioning from sitting to crawling, but getting back to sitting is a movement he still struggles with. He’s very quiet when he moves, we’ve noticed. He’ll sneak up between my feet, trying to get into the dishwasher while we’re loading it! I suppose talking and moving at the same time is a tricky skill to master. We’re looking forward to seeing more progress with him, as well as getting B involved in helping him learn and develop.

In terms of financial support for Baby G and his XXXXY Syndrome diagnosis, most applications need a physician to fill in all the pertinent information, like fine motor, gross motor, vision, self-care, etc. The forms are very vague, and because G is so young, we really don’t know exactly how his chromosomal abnormality will affect his development later on. Regardless, my doctor was more than willing to help and I submitted the forms to apply for support for special services, like signing him up for things like swim lessons, a baby gym class or other activities that might help him use his muscles in new ways. I’m also hoping we can get approved for a tax credit for him which would go directly into an education savings account for him.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to some warmer weather, more progress in physiotherapy, and hopefully some more sounds and stories from Baby G!

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