10 Reasons Dads Should NEVER Forget Mother’s Day

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That’s right, I’m on to you, dads. I know it’s happened. You’ve forgotten Mother’s Day. Maybe you’ve even done it more than one year in a row.


Woah, dude, you live life on the edge, I gotta say.


But I get it. Life as a dad is hectic. “Pick up the kid.”, “Where’s the Orajel?”, “Can you sign off on this?”, “Don’t forget the milk.”, “Don’t be late for the meeting.”, “Where’s your shoe?”, “Where’s my phone?”, “Move the car seat back.”, “What’s in your mouth?”, “Remember the doctor’s appointment.”


It’s an endless barrage of dropping off, picking up, honey-do’s and don’t forget’s.


Really, how are you supposed to remember Mother’s Day?


Attention all Dads! Do NOT Forget Mother's Day if you know what's good for you!

Well, you’re going to have to. Make it happen, Daddy, and here’s why. You know the arguments your wife has in her head, and she looks at you like you should know exactly what’s she’s thinking? Here’s a hint: She’s wondering whether you’ll remember Mothers Day, and plotting her revenge if you forget:



But don’t worry, man, I’ve got your back. You’ve still got time until M-Day and I’m here to drill some reminders into your head, so there’ll be no chance in a sleepless night that you’ll forget Mother’s Day ever again.


Here are ten reasons you should never, EVER forget Mother’s Day.

  1. Father’s Day will be X’d out on the calendar in crayon. Don’t kid yourself. She’ll get the toddler in on it too.
  2. You’ll be on bedtime duty until….ya.
  3. You’ll open your garage to find your wife and kids crafting your socket set into a Pinterest-worthy wind chime.
  4. Your man-cave will be turned into a she-shed.
  5. You’ll turn on the TV and the only channels you’ll get are HGTV, Cosmo, The W Network and Disney Junior
  6. The wifi password won’t work…ever again.
  7. Guys coming over to watch the game? Get used to Bud Lite Lime, asshole.
  8. Your bathroom reading material will be replaced with the IKEA Spring Catalogue, with the kitchen section bookmarked, labelled and circled.
  9. “Remember that sex we were gonna have? Ever again?”
  10. BJ’s from now will be for her and will stand for Ben & Jerry’s

Forgetting Mother’s Day is right up there with forgetting her birthday, or your anniversary. Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th, so don’t screw it up. Make her breakfast, buy her some flowers, and send her out with her mom friends.


You know that saying, “Happy wife, happy life?” Rock it, Daddy; she’ll thank you for it and probably try to top your efforts when Father’s Day comes around. It’s a win-win.


P.S. To all those mothers out there, feel free to use a few of these ideas as “10 Things to Do to Your Husband if He Forgets Mother’s Day”. Just sayin’ 😉


Share this with your mom friends and get to celebrating your Mommy Awesomeness this Mother’s Day!

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11 responses to “10 Reasons Dads Should NEVER Forget Mother’s Day

  1. Mothers Day here in the UK is on the 6th of March and we were very close to me being husbandless and my boy being without a daddy, but lucky for HIM he remembered and we ended up having a lovely day! I mean we don’t need the world like you said a bunch of flowers, maybe a bit of me time in the bath there’s no excuse. Oh and I’ve bookmarked your post for the excellent revenge tactics listed, especially love the no WIFI and sex being a long lost memory! :o) x #coolmumclub

  2. Thank you for the great ideas! I have gotten smart and just remind my husband everyday for a week that Mother’s Day is coming up. I also tell him exactly what I want. I probably shouldn’t have to, but it takes the stress out of shopping for him, and I get what I want!

  3. I love this, Mothers day really is a big deal to us mums!! I constantly drop hints to my husband in the week leading up to it, after failing massively for my first mothers day, he now goes to huge lengths to make up for it! #brilliantblogposts

  4. Brilliant!! So funny. My hubby didn’t have chance as I already pointed out what I would like well in advance. He would be dead meat if he forgot. I’ll show him this list. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst