The Summer Activity Books Are Empty, And Other Back to School Confessions

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My daughter’s junior kindergarten report card was amazing. Her teachers outlined every area of learning they’d covered, citing specific activities and how my daughter had performed, engaged and internalized each of them. At the end, it said that when she went back to school after summer vacation, she would be in senior kindergarten.

I couldn’t have been prouder.

Now that she’s going back, I feel a need to confess to my back to school short-comings. I have to admit, I didn’t do much to keep up with her progress over summer vacation. In fact, when my daughter does go back to school, she’ll only be a teeny-tiny bit further along then when she left. So, in the interest of being an honest mom to myself and to you, here are a few areas where I totally slacked off on my daughter’s learning.

Now that my daughter's going back to school, there are some thing I have to confess about exactly how much work we did over the summer.

The Activity Books are Empty – I bought a few activity books for my daughter at the beginning of the summer. Each one was fresh and new, with crisp white pages and blank spaces just waiting to be filled in with letters, numbers and words. Spaces that once filled would essentially tell me that I’m a good mom. “My child’s education matters to me, her progress matters to me, her ability to learn is something I hold as my highest priority.” Pfffh, ya, no. It didn’t work out that way. We opened them maybe once. She then proceeded to play games on the iPad and then jump in the pool with Daddy, while I enjoyed every single luxurious sip of my large regular dark roast.

Math Wasn’t a Priority
– I’d received a progress report on my daughter’s performance on a math app that they use in her classroom. It basically illustrates number groupings and patterns. At the end of school, she’d completed 40% of it. Even though I do have the app on the iPad, games like Ever After High and My Little Pony took priority over Dreambox. So, ummmm…she might be at 42%. It is what it is.

Reading was Frustrating – I tried to get my daughter to sound out words, but she would continually quit out of frustration. I asked her why and she said, because reading takes too long. That told me to take the pressure off. We did a couple of exercises with my son’s baby books, covering the pictures as she attempted each word, but mostly we just read stories at bedtime, where I would sound out random words throughout the entire book, with only the occasional, yawn-infused contribution from her.

My Craft Corner Grew Cobwebs – Yup, there was not a craft to be made during summer vacation. As much as she might enjoy it, my daughter was doing plenty of it at day camp already, so I really did not see the need to pull out all the bits of paper, stickers, tape, and glitter glue to force her to make something totally useless, just so I could clean it up five minutes later while she’d go play.

Writing her Name – I am the worst. I mean, her teacher even laminated a piece of paper with her name on it in dashes so my daughter could practice tracing over the letters. How many times did she do it? Once? Twice? Ya…I was handed the road map and I still went off the beaten path. *headsmack* I’m actually kind of ashamed of this one, but hey, what can you do?

Whew! There, I did it. I’ve confessed everything I fell short on, preparing my kid for back to school. While my intentions were good and my expectations were high at the beginning of the summer, they just got lower and lower as back to school approached. Am I disappointed in myself? Ya, a little, but knowing what she was doing at day camp made me feel better about taking her to the fair, playing games on the iPad, going to the park and jumping in the pool. After all, isn’t that what summer is supposed to be about? I just hope I don’t get called into the principal’s office. Untitled design (1)

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5 responses to “The Summer Activity Books Are Empty, And Other Back to School Confessions

  1. YES! We had a summer filled with Minecraft, YouTube videos, and videos games…and I don’t feel bad at all! The kids work so hard during the school year that summer is their break. And, at least for mine, they are doing a LOT of reading and processing during their games so they aren’t turning to complete mush!