Baby G and XXXXY Syndrome: The Terrible Two’s

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I knew it was inevitable. This isn’t my first time with a toddler. It’s just a part of Baby G’s growing up process, but it’s starting: the terrible two’s. If I say the word “no”, I might as well be torturing him. If I hold him in my arms to indicate a behaviour is not acceptable, he starts pinching me to let go. Such is toddler-dom. You know what I say? Bring it, Baby G. I’m ready for you. Even though XXXXY Syndrome is something I’ve never dealt with before, I’ve done the terrible two’s and I’ll do them again. But first, an update:

How He’s Handling XXXXY Syndrome:

Physio: We’re finally getting back into our appointments, and Baby G is showing great progress, despite the delays his XXXXY Syndrome presents to him. His therapist is very impressed with how far he’s come since before Christmas. He’s stronger and more confident using his walker now, and is even shuffling along the floor on his knees. Physio is still recommending practicing standing at vertical surfaces, like the fridge or a wall. Supporting him at his hips while standing is also on our homework list for the next few weeks. With these exercises going on at home, his therapist says one day very soon, walking will click with him and he’ll just start doing it. I most certainly agree with her. He’s ready to go. He’s just finding the last bit of balance in his feet.

Speech: Baby G is much more vocal now, but still no words on a consistent basis. I might hear something that sounds like a “Hello”, but it’s always just once. I know it will come, but I can’t wait to hear his sweet voice. We’re getting his hearing checked again, just to make sure nothing’s changed since the last test at birth.

He is understanding us almost entirely now though, specifically the word “no”, and just like a typical toddler, he hates hearing it. After an incident with his big sister this week, I held him firmly in my arms for a few moments, making him understand that the behaviour wasn’t acceptable. Well, didn’t he start pinching my arm and hand to try to get me to let go. He didn’t hurt me, but he was most certainly pinching me. We’ll be nipping that in the bud real fast.

Fine Motor: We’re seeing some great progress here as well. With his extra chromosomes, Baby G has struggled with getting his pincer motion going. He’s also had trouble using a fork and spoon at meal times, but we’re starting to see these motion now. We see progress in his ability to fit shapes into a puzzle, and put coins in a slot. We’re excited to see more from him in the coming months, as he works with his occupational therapist.

How We’re Handling XXXXY Syndrome:

I’m a little concerned about where his second year will head in terms of behaviours. Any child is unpredictable at this age, but with Baby G’s extra chromosomes in there, it might make things more interesting. I don’t know if his condition will push his behaviours in a passive or aggressive direction. As far as we can tell though, Baby G is very much a passive child, so I’m hoping for the former. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to (and slightly dreading :)) his first step in the next couple of months. The look on his face when he realizes he can do it will be well worth this long wait.

The terrible two's are fast approaching and this on top of handling XXXXY Syndrome.

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