Why Self-Care Is So Important for Moms

Hey Momma. I see you there. It’s the end of another long day of parenting your little munchkins. “Mommy, can I have a snack?” “Mommy, can you read me one more story?” “Mommy, can I have a glass of water?”


Your little one’s have asked you for everything under the sun, in relentless high-pitched, squeeky, outdoor voices, and you’re just done.


I know you probably just want to go to bed, and I know you probably just can’t even anymore, and I know taking care of yourself probably isn’t even on your priority list.


I know, babe. I’ve been there.


Making time for yourself is as important to raising your kids as spending time with them


When I first became a mom, it felt like there just wasn’t room for me anymore. This little blond -haired heathen angel took over my life, and I would do anything for her. So I gave and I gave and I gave. And what do you think happened? I ran out of “Mom” to give.


It’s so typical, not just of moms, but of women in general. Many of us consistently put our own needs aside for others. How are we expected to function for our kids?

That’s why self-care is so important for Moms.

Here’s what I mean.


If I asked you when the last time you worked on your favourite hobby was, or when the last time you spent time with a friend that didn’t include a play date, what would you say?



We moms have created this habit of devoting more than we’re even capable of to our kids.

And if you’re like me, after a while, the lack of attention to yourself and your own needs builds up until you end up cranky and bitter, and usually taking it out on your family.


Not cool.


No mother likes yelling at their kids, but it does happen. We’re human beings, but we’re most certainly not servants, or robots. We’re not getting paid for this gig; we volunteered, and that deserves a little self-recognition.


Whether it’s a morning yoga routine, rockin’ that downward dog with that sexy mom-ass high in the air, or sneaking out on the deck at dusk to watch the sun set with a glass of wine, self-care is as imperative to raising happy, healthy kids as actually spending time with them.

Making time for self-care is so important for moms. You, your spouse and your kids will all benefit if you just make time for you.

You’re creating a healthy balance for yourself investing in self-care.

You get to be you, enjoying the things you did before you became a mom. It’s those fundamental aspects of yourself that will bleed into your role as a parent. Your kids will see a happy, healthy, fun mom who makes time for them when they need it. Not because they demand it…because she’s mentally and emotionally able to.


So before you curl up in bed, just take a minute to breathe. Make a cup of tea, and enjoy the silence. Run a bath and lay under the water for a while. Whatever form of self-care speaks to you, do it. Take this time and clear your mind and listen to the sounds of the house. Nice, isn’t it?


Remember, making time for your own self-care is as important to raising your kids as spending time with them. If you’re a balanced mom, your kids will emulate that, and you’ll all be a happier family for it.


What do you do to look after yourself, Momma? I’d love to hear all about it, so rock that comments section below!


Share this post with that mom friend of yours who’s struggling to keep her sanity. We’re all in this together. Thanks so much for reading. 




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  1. This is a helpful reminder. Sometimes just reading something about self-care as a mum helps to give me permission to actually do it. It totally makes sense though, burn out is not cool or beneficial to anyone.

    • I’m so glad you connected with this post. It’s something I struggled with as a young mom. Making time for yourself isn’t as easy as it sounds, but so important if you’re going to be worth your salt as a mom. Thanks so much for reading:)

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