The # 1 Reason Why Moms Don’t Take Time For Themselves

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It’s ugly and relentless and unforgiving. It keeps us from hanging out with friends, or enjoying a night out with our spouse and the one that trips us up again and again.


What can you do to keep the mom-guilt at bay?

Mom-guilt can have incredible influence over you if you let it.

Something as simple as a random opinion overheard from a friend or stranger, a promise you broke to your kids, or your own inner voice adding its two cents has the potential to poke the tiniest hole in your self confidence as a mom.


But that tiny hole is enough to spring a major leak of negative self-talk and some wicked self-doubt.


Thoughts like “You’re pretty selfish to want to escape motherhood once in a while”, or “If you weren’t prepared for its demands, you shouldn’t have become a mother in the first place.”


Ugh! Who needs that floating around their head?!


The same motherly instinct telling us to devote ourselves entirely to loving and caring for our children is the same voice that can hinder devoting time to our own needs. Pretty vicious cycle, right?

So how can you keep that mom-guilt monster at bay?

Well, you can start by thinking about when it tends to strike. Personally, I’ve found that it rears its ugly head when I haven’t been making time for myself, when I’m at my weariest, most tired, or emotionally drained. It creeps into my head and camps out, singing folk tunes about how I’m the worst mother on the planet. Jerk.


But when it does, I’m usually not at my best. I’m tired, I’ve had a rough week at work or my kids have been climbing me all day and I just can’t even anymore. And I know it’s time to carve out some me-time.


So when does mom-guilt tend to show up for you? Check in with yourself when it does. Have you had some late nights? Have the kids been particularly nasty this week?


Chances are, you’re worn down. You’re not at your best, and the little comments and thoughts that pile up on you throughout the week have reached a fever pitch. Make some time for yourself. Rest, replenish and recharge, and you’ll find it’ll be easier to keep the mom-guilt on a tighter leash.

Rest, Replenish and Recharge

And if you can find a healthy balance of time for both your kids and yourself, it’ll be a lot easier to manage when it does strike. If you haven’t already, snag this Self-Care Checklist for some help with that!


Motherhood isn’t easy and that voice inside can be your own worst enemy. Making time for yourself on a regular basis can help you manage that inner critic, push the negative self-talk aside and get back to being the rockstar mommy you are.


Mom-guilt can have a huge influence over you if you let it.


Know a mom who’s suffering from some wicked mom-guilt? Share this post with her and maybe take her out to a chick flick. I bet she’ll thank you for it. Thanks so much for reading.






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