Then & Now: Why I Am a Spoiled Rotten Mommy This Mother’s Day

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I am a spoiled rotten mother, and it’s not even Mother’s Day yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to relaxing this Sunday, snuggling up with my kids in the morning, maybe getting some retail therapy in the afternoon. Mother’s Day is about celebrating all the things I do for my kids as their mom and it’s going to be a great day.


But as much as I am a kick-ass mom, I really do have it a lot easier than my mother did back in the day. In conversations over the years, my mother and I have touched on some things that have made me think, “Woah lady, you got it made compared to her!”


Here are five ways I’ve been spoiled rotten in my motherhood.

Back in the day, moms had it way harder than we do now. Here are 5 ways I'm a spoiled rotten Mommy this Mother's Day

Self-care was not a thing

Self-care was not really a thing back in the day. As a mother, taking time for yourself just wasn’t the norm. Any adult conversation was almost always associated with a play date at a neighbour’s or relative’s. Things like postpartum depression weren’t diagnosed. You were told you had the baby blues and that it would all pass. Hiring a sitter while you spent time with your spouse wasn’t normally done either. Your kids were your responsibility.


As a mom nowadays, I can go out for a drink with a friend, or stay in and close my bedroom door to take some time. If I’m not coping well, I can call a parenting hotline and speak with a registered nurse. I can hire a sitter or call on Grandma so Niagara Daddy and I can snag a date night.


I have a TON more freedom in my motherhood than any of the  women that came before me, and I am so very grateful for it.

Classes, classes and more classes

Mommy groups, baby massage,  early years development centres, Montessori pre-schools, you name it. I can get out of the house and be with other moms, and stimulate my kids brain until it explodes.


Gone are the days of sitting at home alone with only a 3 month-old and a cup of tea to keep you company.

Baby gear that could fly to the moon

Really, ladies. Think about this one. Not only do we have cup holders that come standard in every stroller (unheard of in earlier models), they’re practically time machines compared to what our mothers used when we were kids.


Travel systems, jogging strollers, all collapsible and storable. Exer-saucers, swings, baby gyms; it’s insane the awesomeness of the gear that has fallen into our laps. Still gotta haul it everywhere though; that hasn’t changed at all.


Almost Too many resources

The only thing available back in the day was your own mom, and a book by Dr. Spock. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever found a remedy for cradle cap that worked as well as the one my mom gave me. So there’s definitely something to be said for trusting the original and all-knowing, resource that is your own mom.


But I can ask any number of registered nurses, search countless websites, and read thousands of blog articles to answer any question I might have.


The downside? That’s a lot more opinions in my head than I really need. Sometimes, Mom herself really does know best.

No More Secrets

These days, the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and motherhood are way out in the open. From postpartum depression to owning your postpartum body, there’s not a lot that’s kept in the closet about this mom gig any more.


Even Mother’s Day cards have gotten in on the action. Sentiments  like “I’m sorry I ruined your vagina.”, or “Happy Mother’s Day. Has your bladder forgiven me yet?”, are popping up all over. And with all this raw sharing comes a bond between all of us that says, “We’re all in this together.”

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Yup, compared to what moms had to work with back in the day, I am one spoiled mommy.


But while these things definitely have changed over the years, the tantrums, the exhaustion, the late nights, the “mombie eyes”, the frustration, the pushing, the stretch marks, the scars, the tears, the fun, the laughter, the smiles, the kisses, the hugs and all the love certainly hasn’t.

Happy Mother’s Day!

When I think about all that my mother didn't have when she was a new mom, I realize how very lucky I am this Mother's Day.

Share this post with a fellow mom who deserves some self-care this Mother’s Day, and while you’re at it, get together for a mom’s night out! Drink responsibly though; hangovers and toddlers DO NOT MIX.

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