How to Make Over Your Date Night

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Ah, date night is here! That monthly sacred escape from parenting that both you and your spouse have been craving. Grandma’s on her way over to babysit, the kids are fed and they’re ready to get spoiled rotten.


And where are we off to tonight?


Let me guess. Dinner and a movie, right? The timeless, traditional, tried-and-true date night of boring parents.


That’s right, I said BORING.

Turn up the heat and make over your date night!

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No offense, but don’t you think dinner and a movie has been over-done? Like, WAAAYYY over-done? Me too, hon.


Wouldn’t it be great to shake things up a bit? Move away from the same old meal at the same old chain restaurant to something WAY more intimate? *wink* Take a time out from the “Rom-Com” for something WAY more engaging?


“But what else is there to do? I mean, anything more than our regular date night means energy to plan and spending more money that we just don’t have.”


I totally get it, babe. It’s what you have TIME, MONEY and ENERGY for. You both know how important date night is for yourselves AND your relationship, but you make a million decisions a day for your kids. So to add even one more, just to shake up Date Night?

Ugh, it’s just more than you can handle.

Hear me out, babe. Niagara Daddy and I are in the same rut. Date nights are always a good thing, but it’s the same old-same old: a meal, a movie and a conversation dominated by what the kids have been up to.


I’ve decided it’s time for a change, time to make date night about US again, about what’s fun for US, and what brings US closer together.

Are you with me, girl? Awesome!

Because my girls at Dating Divas have us totally covered! Their blog is chock full of unique date night-in and date night-out ideas, plus wicked printables and planners to go with!


Just from reading their blog and trying out a few of their printables, I’ve come up with a few tips on how YOU can take YOUR date night with the hubs to the NEXT LEVEL.

1. Plan it.

The reason our date nights ALWAYS end up being dinner and a movie is because we never plan for anything other than that. Outside our regular date night, we’re not even sure what we like to do together anymore. Ugh, we’re just so out of touch!


With that in mind, I went searching for exciting and fun date night ideas that would speak to US. I found a TON! A hundred and one, to be exact.


Check out 101 Easy-To-Prep Date Nights. A Bookstore Date, a Nerf Gun War and a Chocolate Tasting are just a few date nights that caught my eye, AND I’m using the Date Night Guide to help us get back in touch and figure out what we’ll BOTH love doing.

Date Night Guide - Get your spouse on board with date night! | The Dating Divas

2. Good Conversation.

On a typical date night, Niagara Daddy and I usually find ourselves talking about the kids, when’s the next appointment, what time is that school activity at, etc. There’s not a whole lot of chatting about US going on. It’s time to carve out some real conversations for ourselves.


I picked up these conversation starters yesterday from The Diva Store, and I can’t wait to use them!


They created these stacks and stacks of thought-provoking questions to draw out some much more stimulating and meaningful conversations between us. I’m talking everything from finances to goals to sex to quality time.


The Hubs and I will be chatting up a storm with these. Our go-to, “How was your day, dear?” will be a thing of the past.

Conversation Starters

 3. Make Memories Together

So much of our lives these days revovle around making ultimate memories for our kids. New experiences and epic discoveries are the foundation of a happy childhood, right?


Why not do the same for date night? Who says making memories as a couple has to stop after the munchkins turn up?!


Exactly, NO ONE.


This has got to be one of my favourite products from the Divas.


Spice up your date night!

The 52 Date Nights pack includes:


>  52 Weekly Date Night Cards
>  Blank Date Night Cards
>  16 Bonus Date Cards
>  Steps & Tips for a Photo Album


Now, Niagara Daddy and I are definitely “Monthly Daters”, but all that means is we’ve got WAY more to choose from in this pack.


And to help with that part, each card has a checklist at the top. So if Grandma’s not available to babysit, we can choose an “At Home” date. If we’re a little strapped for cash, we can pick a “Free” date.


Creating a photo album with these, along with some classic pics is the best part! We’ll have made memories together as a couple, that go beyond our roles as parents! I know, MIND BLOWN!!


4. Have SEX!


WHAT??? Ya, you heard me, Mama!


Now, I know as well as any parent that sex after having kids tends to get stuffed in the closet with your wedding dress and that stack of old sweaters.


That makes it even more crucial to pull it out and GET. IT. OOONN!


Personally, I’m a fan of candles and soft music, maybe even a steamy shower, but who says it has to stop there? Check out the WHOLE YEAR of bedroom games I found in the Intimacy Pack.

Spice up your date night!Each month features a tasteful, unique, and…well…SUPER EXCITING game that will get our spouses’ blood boiling!


February’s “Shop ‘Til You Drop: A Vixen’s Love Shop”, where the hubby will purchase “services” from the shop’s spicy menu is at the top of my list! No more boredom in the bedroom for this mom!


So what are you waiting for, babe? Re-connecting with the love of your life is never MORE important than after you have kids. It’s great for both of you, as individuals AND as the loving couple that STARTED that family.


It’s time to spice things up, and have some FUN!


And with that, Mama, I really must dash. I’ve got my negligee on and my nerf gun loaded. I’m ready to ROCK!!!


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Thanks so much for reading,





Spice up Date Night with your hubby with these tips!

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