5 Warm n’ Fuzzy Self Care Ideas for Fall

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It’s Fall. Mother Nature’s winding down for a rest, the crisp Fall weather is moving in and I’m feeling inspired to throw on a cable-knit sweater, curl up with a hot cup of cider in my great big arm chair and indulge in some serious Mommy self care.


Time to curl up with 5 Fall self care ideas for Moms

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Think about it, babe. The kids are back in school, the daily routine is back to normal, and the holiday chaos hasn’t hit yet…


…It is THE PERFECT time to start carving out those free moments for yourself too, and all the things that make you, YOU!


If you’re like, “Uh, I’m a mom. That’s all I am and ALL I have time for”, I hereby give you permission to get back in touch with your pre-mom self.


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Feel better? Ya, you do!

So grab your PSL mama, and settle in for my go-to list of warm and fuzzy Fall self-care ideas for moms.


1. Get Outside.

The best part about fall is that crisp, cool breeze and the sound of leaves crunching under your feet.

Get out and snag your share of fresh air, mama. Toss the football around or play in the leaves with the kids; whatever it is, get some exercise.

Your mind and body (not to mention your kids) with thank you for it.


2. Fall Date Night.

Call the sitter, babe, because Fall is the perfect time of year for you and the hubs to reconnect and quietly enjoy each other…BEFORE the holiday madness sets in, and you just don’t have the time.


Keeping those things that BOTH of you love to do in mind, plan a special evening together that you BOTH will get enjoyment out of. No ideas? I’m on it, hon. Check out these fantastic Fall date night options.


50 Date Night Ideas for you and your hubby to indulge in this Fall.

3. Start a Gratitude Journal.

With the world winding down for winter and Thanksgiving around the corner, there’s no better time to start a gratitude journal than during the fall season.


Journaling is extremely therapeutic. It’s a method of self care that’s quiet, reflective and stress-free. An “attitude of gratitude” is scientifically proven to improve physical and psychological health; it can even help you sleep better!


And I KNOW you need more of that, babe!


So try turning your mind inward for a few moments each day this Fall, mama. Clear out the negativity, focus on the things that really matter and regain your perspective on life.


Need some help getting started? Here’s one of my fav articles with 7 gratitude journal prompts.


It just might be the fuel you need to keep an even keel going forward, especially as  the busy holiday season approaches.


4. Colouring.

With all the breathtaking colour changing going on around us this Fall, it inspires that creative spark inside me.


Indulge in yours, mama! Snag some coloured pencils a couple of awesome colouring books just for us moms!



It’s creativity meets mindfulness and that’s a self care win-win. Just a head’s up; your kids might want to get in on your creativity too, so be prepared.


5. Practice Mindfulness.

Now, you can get into mindfulness at any time of year, but with all the sights, smells and tastes of fall, you can take mindfulness to a whole new level with a 5 Senses Exercise.


Stick with me here, babe.

The 5 Senses Exercise is a way of practicing mindfulness.

Start by sitting comfortably, breathing relaxed, even breaths.


Engage your senses one at a time, focussing on the environment around you for at least a minute per sense.


Say you’re sitting on your front porch with a mug of hot chocolate in your hand. Listen to the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. Focus on that sound and start to hear other more subtle sounds underneath.


Move to your sense of smell, like the aroma of the hot chocolate, that smell in the air that lets us know winter is coming.


For touch, how about the warmth of the mug in your hands, the fabric of your sweater against your skin, see the colours of fall all around you, and taste the creaminess of your warm, chocolatey bevvie.

The experience is the focus; it’s not good or bad, it’s just there.

Plan your self care this Fall.

Allowing your mind to turn inwards with little distraction is a great way to reset in the middle of a stressful day with the kids, or to wind down before turning in for the night. Use the wind-down to winter as an excuse to quiet your own thoughts and you’ll find you’re better equipped to face the chaos of motherhood.


I don’t know about you, but I am soooo ready to crack open a colouring book, and take some time to myself. With all the changes that happen during the fall season, I hope you’ll carve out some time to enjoy them, babe. Self care just couldn’t be cozier!


Fall is here! It's the perfect time for some self care before the holiday season is in full swing!


Your turn, Mommy! What are your favourite ways to chill out in the Fall? Come share them in the Moments for Mommy Club, where mounds of mamas gather to share the epic fails and teeny tiny victories of motherhood.



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