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Hey there! So you want to know a bit more about me, eh? Awesome, I’m so glad we can connect, albeit a little one sided:)


I’m Vickie and I’m a working mother of two young children, Niagara Girl, aged 6, and Baby G, aged 3. I’ve been married to Niagara Daddy for nine chaotic, but fantastic years.


After our first year of marriage, we decided it was time to start a family. I gave birth to my daughter via emergency C-Section. After going through a nasty birth experience and an even nastier recovery, I found it incredibly difficult to be present for my daughter. I sought help and was diagnosed with postpartum depression.


Needless to say, my first birth experience was nothing like I expected.


With help though, I learned to cope with my diagnosis and my new role as a mother. I learned the value of sleep, of a shower, of clean teeth, and coffee. As my daughter grew into a raging toddler, I learned to carve out time for myself, even if it meant an earth-shattering temper tantrum from her.


And after my son came along, time for self care became even scarcer. My husband and I have worked together to make sure both of us get time away. We’re no good to our kids if we aren’t talking care of ourselves. Period.


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I started blogging about the chaos of parenting as my own method of self care. Not just to write about the wonderful, weird and wearying parts of raising my munchkins, but because parenthood is a very lonely time. I longed to connect with other moms that for once did not involve a play date with the kids.


That’s my goal here. While I still love to write about the gong show that is raising my kids, I want to help other parents of young kids find time to connect with their pre-parent selves, and with each other. I want to share ways to take that break, and get out with your mom friends, your dad friends, even your friends who don’t have kids.


With self care tips, stories from my own experience, and some incredible brands and products to help, I hope to help parents maintain a healthy sanity, and a sense of humour about this whole parenting gig, while not compromising their commitment to their families. A happy mom or dad means a happy kid, and that’s a win-win.


So, now that you know more about me, it’s your turn! Come introduce yourself in The Moments for Mommy Club. (That’s my Facebook group.) I’m so excited to connect. If you haven’t already, subscribe up there on the right and I’ll send all the latest stuff direct to your inbox. You bring your sense of humour, I’ll bring the wine.


Thank you so much for reading,


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