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How I Vamped Up My Self-Care With Makeup Geek

Posted June 22, 2017 by Niagara Mommy in Mommy Stuff / 2 Comments

A morning routine that includes self-care is a great way to get back in touch with that amazing, sexy, energetic pre-mom self of yours. But things like styling your hair and putting on make-up, are WAY easier said than done when you’re a mother with a couple of mucus-munchers running around.

Mama, I totally get it.

In the early days of my motherhood, I remember feeling like a shadow of my amazing pre-mom self. I wore the typical mom uniform, my hair was always in a pony tail and I never put on make-up. Feeling pretty just seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford after I became a mom.


The first thing I did to start carving out time for self-care was to apply a bit of make-up each day. I stumbled upon Makeup Geek and I haven't looked back!


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Don’t get me wrong. I’d try every so often to put on a bit of make-up, if only to feel like a human being again, but things were different. My skin had changed. My whole body had changed. To top it all off, I had exactly ZERO time in the mornings, I was still using the same eyeshadows I used in college and I was REALLY out of practice. Ugh.

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But there’s something about putting on a bit of a face (even if it’s just mascara so you look like you have eyelashes) that gives a boost to your mood. Put-together, and naturally beautiful, looking your best can literally tip the scales into feeling your best.

It’s a self-care win-win too!

The first thing I did to start carving out time for self-care was to apply a bit of make-up each day. I stumbled upon Makeup Geek and I haven't looked back!

Applying make-up is a great way to take some time for yourself, highlighting your own uniquely beautiful features, and actually ENJOYING them!


So, if you’re in the same boat right now – a mom who’s pining to feel pretty again – then this one’s for you, babe. I know you don’t have time to mess around in the mornings, but I know how important feeling your best is to your motherhood. When it comes to make-up for moms, reasonable, fast, long-lasting and low-maintenance are key.

Ladies, let me introduce you to Makeup Geek.

I first discovered Makeup Geek one early spring nap time while searching for makeup tutorials on YouTube, and I was immediately hooked.


Clicking on tutorial after tutorial, I learned, I laughed, I experimented with what make-up I had to try to achieve each look. And I had so much fun doing it!

Here’s One of my favs!

Awesome, right? Mind blown yet? Oh just wait.

My girl Marlena, founder of Makeup Geek, didn’t stop there! Nope, she launched her own make-up line shortly after I found her, beginning with a few eyeshadows and this EPIC Starter Kit

Amp up your self-care routine with a bit of make-up to highlight all your uniquely beautiful features!

Photo by Makeup Geek

This is the very first product I ordered from Makeup Geek, and one I highly recommend to all you mamas out there.


But no worries if it’s not up your alley. Check out the tutorials and pick a few looks like I did. Then chose from the huge range of eyeshadows, brushes and lip products and customize everything for yourself.


Marlena’s even put together a few KEY coordinated bundles that are perfect for us mamas: low-maintenance, but versatile, great colours, exceptional quality, long-lasting and great value.


Need a bit of oomph to your self-care? Vamp it up with some epic eyeshadows from Makeup Geek!

Photo by Makeup Geek

After finding Makeup Geek, watching and learning and practicing like CRAZY, I started to feel like a woman again, put-together and naturally beautiful, with a few of my most awesome features highlighted just for fun.


I felt good about myself, like the girl I was before I had my kids…and it was really wonderful to see her in the mirror again.


How about you? Do you put a face on every morning? Or is it mainly for date nights with the hubs? Is it the the full monty, or just some eyeliner and a bit of lip gloss?


Whenever you do it, or however much or little you do, highlighting that beautiful mama face of yours for the world, and for your kids to see, is a fantastic way to spend some quality time on the things that make you the beautiful mom you are.

And Sometimes, a Mom just needs to feel pretty.

Wanna get a handle on your own self-care? Be sure to snag the Moments for Mommy Daily Self-Care Checklist to help you find your groove! Thanks so much for reading. 


daily self-care checklistHugs,

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