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Why I’m Cannon-Balling Into Summer and Why You Should Too!

Posted June 15, 2017 by Niagara Mommy in Mommy Stuff / 6 Comments

“CANNON BALL!!!!!!” is a word I remember fondly from my childhood. My uncle did the best cannon balls. We’d all cheer out as he’d leap off the diving board, tuck into a perfect human sphere and plunge securely into the deep end of the kidney-shaped swimming pool, sending what seemed at our age to be giant, surging waves for us to jump over, crash into, and swim through.


We’d scream and laugh with delight, demanding an encore performance over and over and over again. I’d stay in that pool until my fingers and toes were all pruney, until my blonde hair turned green and the sun went down.


Time to curb those body image issues and rock that swimsuit this summer, Mama! Get in the pool and make some memories!

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Baby G & XXXXY Syndrome: Big News

Posted May 26, 2017 by Niagara Mommy in Uncategorized / 0 Comments

Raising a special needs child certainly isn’t easy. The parental worry, the guilt, the wins and losses all seem to be amplified with a kid who needs a little extra help. But sometimes, when you least expect it, the stars align and the universe sends you out some good karma. I know I haven’t written an update on Baby G in a while, but I promise there’s a fantastically wonderful reason for it! But first, an update.


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Why My Business Trip Was a Vacation from Parenthood

Posted May 18, 2017 by Niagara Mommy in Mommy Stuff / 2 Comments

When it comes to parenting, Niagara Daddy and I work as a team. We take turns with bedtime, doing bath time, and even  taking a night out for ourselves. It’s a system that works for us.


So, when I went out of town for work a few months ago, I knew it would be harder for him than me and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to It.

That business trip ended up being the vacation from parenthood I needed.

How my boring business trip turned into a blissful vacation from parenthood.

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Then & Now: Why I Am a Spoiled Rotten Mommy This Mother’s Day

Posted May 4, 2017 by Niagara Mommy in Mommy Stuff / 3 Comments

I am a spoiled rotten mother, and it’s not even Mother’s Day yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to relaxing this Sunday, snuggling up with my kids in the morning, maybe getting some retail therapy in the afternoon. Mother’s Day is about celebrating all the things I do for my kids as their mom and it’s going to be a great day.


But as much as I am a kick-ass mom, I really do have it a lot easier than my mother did back in the day. In conversations over the years, my mother and I have touched on some things that have made me think, “Woah lady, you got it made compared to her!”


Here are five ways I’ve been spoiled rotten in my motherhood.

Back in the day, moms had it way harder than we do now. Here are 5 ways I'm a spoiled rotten Mommy this Mother's Day

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