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Rockstar Mom Moment #3: Rockstar Dads We Salute You!

Posted September 10, 2015 by Niagara Mommy in Mommy Stuff / 0 Comments

 This can be one of the hardest things about parenthood, a close second to the temper tantrum of century for us. Getting your child to take their medicine can be damn near impossible.  In our case, like ripping finger nails out one by one and pouring lemon juice on them.  Hell, absolute hell.

B picked up scarlet fever when she was two. Where and how she got it is beyond me, but after a rushed trip to the clinic, it was confirmed. She had a rash ALL over her body, a huge fever, no appetite, she was throwing up on me, on the couch, in a bucket, in the toilet, it was rough. She was prescribed antibiotics. D and I knew that this would be a battle right from the start. While we would normally mix it with juice, B had already figured that one out. It was time for a new strategy.

D and I decided that we would have to force it down. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t fun, but it was necessary. The first time was one of the most awful experiences of my life. She and were both crying, while I gave her little squirts of banana flavored nastiness from the plastic syringe of doom. But I did it. I was a good mom. Pfffhhh…I was a fucking mess.

With every dose, we’d give her plenty of warning, five minutes, two minutes and then we’d do it, tantrum and all. After the third dose, we were both physically and emotionally exhausted, not to mention covered in spit up banana medicine.

Then, D came up with the ultimate hack.  He put juice in one plastic syringe and medicine in another. And I was like, “Wait, didn’t we agree? Can’t we just stick to the plan? Please?” I just couldn’t take another tactic that would fail.

And then it happened. He gave her a little juice at first with one syringe, then slowly added the meds with the other. He filled up with juice again, and did another round. It worked! I couldn’t fucking believe it!!  He finished it off, and she was all done. Every single drop. Pretty soon, she started to do the juice herself. It was actually fun for her, and she had a bit of control in the process too. I think that was a big part of it. A full cup of juice that tasted like ass just didn’t cut it anymore, and while she knew she had to take it, she had no control over anything.

Now,normally this would be a Rockstar Mommy post, but I believe giving credit where credit is due. Rockstar Daddy, we love you!!!!!

How about you guys, do you have a rockstar daddy in your life? One that just puts your mommy instincts to shame?! I’d love to hear about them!

Feeding Feats of Awesome: A Rockstar Mommy Moment

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Moving from one to two children was a big adjustment for me.  It brought on a whole other world of challenges, the worst of which was the 3am feed. Here’s how I hacked it.


At the time, I was sleeping in our spare bed, which was in Baby G’s room, along with his crib. I would get up, go downstairs, take the bottle out of the fridge, heat up the bottle, go back upstairs and feed. B would hear all this and get up as well.  Now I’m trying to feed a newborn at 3am, with a three year old tugging at my leg wanting another story. Who the hell has the will power to argue about going back to bed at 3am?!?!

Not me.

So I’d finish feeding him, put him down, and she and I would toss and turn in the spare bed, trying to get some form of sleep, or I’d argue with her, or I’d lay with her in her bed until she fell asleep and I would creep downstairs to crash on the couch.

There had to be an easier way.

We had two bottle warmers, in my mind, one of the most indespensible baby products out there. I decided to put one in his room.  Then I thought, well, she’s still going to wake up when I go and get the bottle out of the fridge.

Solution: a cooler.

Before bed, put the 3am feed in the cooler with plenty of ice.  Put the cooler in the room with the bottle warmer. Sleep on the spare bed in his room.  I never had to leave his room!

It totally worked!  I could feed him peacefully, burp him, put him down, turn on that mobile and crawl back to bed. No interruptions, no arguments, no tugging or whining. It was glorious!

Once again, I am a genius. A rockstar mom and proud of it!  Do you have any to share? I’d love to hear about them.😊

Little People, Big Feelings

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As moms, especially new moms, our emotions can take over, reducing us to blubbering heaps of squishy, stretched out goo. Today I was reminded how big these same emotions are to my daughter.

Case in point, anger. When she’s overtired, hungry, or suffering from a “baby hangover” (baby jet lag essentially, lasting a day or two after a long trip), her anger can get the best of her when she doesn’t get what she wants.  And while a tantrum is no doubt my absolute least favourite thing to deal with, I have to remind myself that anger for a four year old is a monumental emotion.

Kicking, flailing and screaming to the point of hoarseness is the only way she knows at this point to get out all that frustration.  I think it’s time I introduce to punching pillow to her or something. But it’s important for me to stay calmer than her in these situations, recognize her anger, and try to guide her through the tantrum calmly, and most importantly safely.

Sure, she says “YOU’RE SO MEAN TO ME!”, “YOU’RE A BAD MOMMY!”, and the like.  I’ve heard a lot of that, and I’m pretty good at removing myself from my responses now. “I’m sorry you feel that way, sweetheart,” I’ll say.  And I’ll keep repeating that to her, acknowledging how she feels, but not apologizing for punishing her bad behavior.  I’m her mother, not her friend. And I’m the adult, I have more patience than her…well, most of the time.

It’s important to pick your battles too.  If she wants a third book at night, I’ll probably cave, but if it’s ten o’clock, pffffhhh, not on your life kid. Nice try.

I thought to myself today, driving her home while she’s kicking the back of my seat in a full on melt down, if I have trouble handling my emotions, how much can I really expect of my four year old daughter?

There are times when I’m tired right along with her and I just don’t have it in me, and I’ll yell for her to stop.  Getting my frustration out feels good for me, feels even worse for her, and so round and round we go. Frankly, I amazed my husband has lasted this long.

I guess this post is really about both her and I dealing with big emotions when we’re not at our best. Maybe we can learn from each other and find better ways to keep our cool. How do you handle your kids’ melt downs? How about your own? Come up with any mommy hacks in your tantrum travels? I’d love to hear about them.


I Fed Him While Getting a Massage: A Rock Star Mom Moment

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Have you ever rocked this mommy thing so hard, you should get an award? Read about mine here.

Motherhood is hard, stressful, draining, and makes you want to laugh maniacally and sob uncontrollably at the same time. But every so often, there are those moments where something happens and you’re like, OH HELL YA!!! I totally got this mom thing!

Have you ever rocked this mommy thing so hard, you should get an award? Read about mine here.

I woke up late to feed Baby G, and I had booked a massage that day. I had already rescheduled the appointment twice, so I really didn’t want to miss it, so I fed him as much as I could and took a new bottle with me to finish up afterwards.

I went into the room, got undressed and lie face-down on the massage table, ensuring my face was just right in the cradle. Baby G was sitting quietly in his car seat.  The bottle was in the diaper bag. My masseuse began, and I started to relax, the knots in my upper back slowly loosening, after three months of hauling G around.

Then, you guessed it, he started to fuss. Ok, what was I going to do? My masseuse started rocking the car seat with her foot.  She moved it for me, so it was directly under my face, and I started rocking him, but it was no good, he wanted the rest of the feed. It had only been twenty minutes since I started the feed at the house, so I still had time to use what I brought with me.

So, my masseuse got the bottle for me, and do you know what I did?


Oh, even better? After he’d finished, I rocked that kid to sleep!

That’s right. I did that, and it felt fucking great. I am a rock star, and I bet if you think about it, you are too! Have you ever rocked a mommy hack so hard you should get an award?  I’d love to hear about it!

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Temper Tantrums or Why I Don’t Want to Play Today

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It takes every last ounce of your energy to survive your kid's epic temper tantrums.

Tantrums are the worst. Honestly, I’d rather listen to a symphony of nails on a chalkboard than deal with a temper tantrum. There’s no reasoning, no logic, no common sense and most of all no filter when your kid is flailing on the floor, screaming, crying and telling you you’re the shittiest mommy ever.

It takes every last ounce of your energy to survive your kid's epic temper tantrums.

This morning I played dragons with B, (she’s a fan of How To Train Your Dragon) and, as usual, I was the bad guy, sneaking up on the good guys and kidnapping Toothless. I then had a meeting with my henchmen, while the good guys rescued Toothless from right under my nose. Rats, foiled again. It’s the same scenario, over and over again.

Later on, she wanted me to play again. I told her no, that Daddy will play while Mommy takes a nap.

Well, shit. I got knocked off my feet by the barrage of “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE”‘s firing out of her mouth like bullets. I told her again, the answer is no, Mommy is going for a nap.

Again, with the pleases. I turned off the cartoons, told her that her whining was unacceptable. “I wanna watch my cartoons!!!!”, she yelled. “Just go to bed, Mommy!” I was like, “The fuck did you say?!” I sent her to her room for talking back to me, where she proceeded to throw an epic temper tantrum.

Holy shit, child! I mean, do you think your whining is going to make me change my mind? It only solidifies my resolve to tell you no again. What’s wrong with playing by yourself? You can do that. What’s wrong with playing with Daddy? You can do that too. He’s the one who can always get you to smile. And you don’t get to spend as much time with him.

Why am I the end-all, be-all when it comes to entertaining you?!

What kills me is that this little girl, with her cute curls and bright eyes, knows damn well what she’s doing. She’s pushing and pushing and pushing until she gets her way, with the added side bonus of making me feel like the worst mom E.V.E.R for not playing with her. I swear, at this point I’m like, “She’s gonna write a book at the age of six and tell the world that I never played with her. And I’ll end up on bloody Maury Povich, watching as she storms off stage to throw another tantrum because I wouldn’t let her wear make up at the age of ten.”

Well, fuck that, ladies.

As mothers, we want to sleep. We want to sit and drink our coffee in peace. We want to finish the mountain of dishes in the sink. We want to use the bathroom and take a shower by ourselves. We want to put make-up on and feel pretty again. We want to do general grown up things, anything but play with you.

My name is Mommy and I don’t want to play today.

But we’re teaching them boundaries right? Right. We’re not a selfish bitches, right? Right. We’re human beings, right?

Pfffhh, nope. We’re mommies.

We’re always there. We’re always with them. We love them with every fibre of our being…

but baby…sweetheart please, I just don’t want to play today.

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