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5 Ways A Mom Friend Can Help You Rock At Motherhood

Posted August 10, 2017 by Niagara Mommy in Mommy Stuff, Self Care / 3 Comments

My mom friends are indispensable. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. After a long day in the trenches of motherhood, my girls are the sounding board I crave.


Whether we’re getting together for a play date at the park, or meeting at a noisy bar for beer and wings, for me, hanging out with my mom friends is like a trip to a quiet sanctuary of peace and understanding.


Each mom friend is unique, but they're all crucial to your sanity and your self care.

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Know Your Limit: “Mom” Within It. Setting Boundaries In Motherhood

Posted August 3, 2017 by Niagara Mommy in Mommy Stuff, Self Care / 2 Comments

I’m a working mom and I love it. But walking in the door after a gruelling day at work, only to be pummelled by a raging toddler, demanding whatever shred of energy and attention I have left is definitely a downside.


That cute little mucus machine doesn’t care one bit about how my day went. The concept of boundaries means nothing to him. He’s just so happy to see me.


Setting boundaries for yourself is key if you're going to find balance in motherhood.

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3 Outrageous Myths About Taking Time Away From Your Kids

Posted April 20, 2017 by Niagara Mommy in Self Care / 0 Comments

I remember when I first became a mom, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of parenting information out there. There are so many different opinions, do’s and don’t’s, rules and “guidelines” on how to be a devoted, loving and protective mom, it’s a wonder we all don’t spontaneously combust.


Taking time away from the kids however seems to break some unwritten rule for moms.  As mothers, we shouldn’t want to take time away from our kids, and feeling that way makes us some sort of outlaws.


What’s up with that?!


Why is taking time away from your kids to look after yourself so forbidden?

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