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Baby G & XXXXY Syndrome: Big News

Posted May 26, 2017 by Niagara Mommy in Uncategorized / 0 Comments

Raising a special needs child certainly isn’t easy. The parental worry, the guilt, the wins and losses all seem to be amplified with a kid who needs a little extra help. But sometimes, when you least expect it, the stars align and the universe sends you out some good karma. I know I haven’t written an update on Baby G in a while, but I promise there’s a fantastically wonderful reason for it! But first, an update.


Big news about my son's progress with 49 XXXXY Syndrome! Read More

Baby G and XXXXY Syndrome – Babbling

Posted February 25, 2016 by Niagara Mommy in Baby G and XXXXY Syndrome, Uncategorized / 1 Comment

Hello all. My humblest of apologies for disappearing over the last couple of weeks, as I’ve started a new job, but I think I’m finally getting back into a rhythm again. But during those few weeks, Baby G has progressed very well, working through the challenges that XXXXY Syndrome comes with.

But the latest milestone we’ve witnessed is a definite increase in his babbling, and a few distinct “Ma-ma”‘s and “Da-da’s”. Even a “Ba” for his big sister!

This little guy has a lot to say! Seeing increased babbling and some basic consonant sounds from my son, who has XXXXY Syndrome.

Our speech therapist at Niagara Children’s Center did tell us that he would probably progress in speech once he didn’t have to concentrate so hard on movement, which has certainly come to pass. In addition to basic consonant sounds, Baby G has found his voice when there’s something wrong, or something that makes him sad or angry. He was not happy with B when she took one of her smaller toys from him. She’s learning that while Baby G might not like it, many of her toys are too small for him to play with, and so she needs to make sure they’re kept in safe places. Read More

Try to Eat the Wind

Posted October 23, 2015 by Niagara Mommy in Uncategorized / 1 Comment

It’s been pretty windy here. It might be my favourite thing about fall, aside from the colours; that kinda goes without saying. But when a strong breeze starts blowing, I swear it makes me want to grab a throw, sit in the rocker on my front porch and sip my coffee…yup, straight out of a Pinterest shot.

But I love the feel of the wind across my skin, and through my hair

…yes, even when it blows into my face and sticks to my lip gloss…sigh.

But it’s the sound of the wind I find so relaxing. It covers the noise of traffic near by, and the crunch of the garbage truck mashing the week’s trash into oblivion. It drowns out the mechanical to make room for the natural. And it makes me breathe a little slower and relax a little deeper. It let’s me stay a little longer and sip a little sweeter.

Until the baby wakes up…then I bring him out with me,

so he can try to eat the wind.

autumn day